Top 5 Baby Sunscreens For Indian Kids

We have often heard that while stepping out of the house on a hot summer day, always apply sunscreen lotion. So does that mean that we need not use it in winters? Well, no!!!!

The harmful UV rays of the sun are present throughout the year on all sunny days. Hence, using a good sunscreen in necessary during summer and winters. Parents of young kids are always worried about the effect of harsh sunrays on the sensitive baby skin. It is important for them to protect the skin of their babies from UV rays by applying healthy and effective sunscreens while stepping out of the house.

There are various kinds and types of sunscreens available in the markets for little babies in India. This article focuses on the top most sun block creams for kids which are safe and healthy for the baby skin.

1. Farlin – Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 20
Farlin Baby Sunscreen Lotion is a small 30 ml bottle which comes with the goodness and richness of natural and pure rice extracts y. This is a healthy combination which has a mild effect on baby skin. It has not been tested on animals. It is perfect for preventing sun tan and sunburn on the sensitive skin of your toddler. It is hypo allergenic, does not contain chemicals. It is known to moisturize the skin thereby repairing and relieving the skin from problems like dryness and itching. It reduces inflammation and helps to from the UV generated free radical damage.

2. Chicco Sun Milk Spray
ChiccoChicco Sun Milk comes with a formulation of SPF of 50+.  It is formulated for the sensitive and soft skin of babies. It is a water resistant and fragrance free cream and can be easily used for babies from birth. It contains richness of Vitamin E. it is microbiologically and dermitologically tested. It is free from alcohols and dyes. This is surely one of the most popular combinations for healthy skin of kids.

3. Lotus Herbals Kids Sun Block
Lotus Herbals Kids Sun Block lotion comes with 25 SPF. It is a healthy combination of chamomile flower extracts which are known to be very nourishing and soothing the tender baby skin. It is known to provide complete care and protection from sun tan, sun burn, UVA and UVB rays. It is a light cream and comes with sweat proof property. This lotion is for all kids above the age of 6 months.

4. Nivea Sun Kids Sunscreen with  SPF 50 PA+
The Nivea Sun Kids Sunscreen provides immediate protection against sunburn, sun tan and long-term skin damage. It also keeps the sensitive baby skin safe from sun allergies. It is highly water resistant. It is highly moisturizing. It doesn’t contain any kind of chemical which makes it completely safe for the tender skin of young kids.

5. Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50
The Banana Boat baby sunscreen lotion comes with SPF 50. It is a paediatrician tested sunscreen for kids. It is an alcohol free, tear free, fragrance free and water resistant formulation which is ideal for children. It can be used on babies once they turn 6 months old.

These are the best sunscreen creams for kids in India which keep their skin safe from harsh sunrays.