Best Cold Weather Superfoods for Weight Loss

For that, you need super foods that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Some of these foods will help you to maintain fitness in an unfriendly and cold weather. Here’s the list of best Superfoods for cold weather.
Best Cold Weather Superfoods for Weight Loss
1. Broth or Tomato based soups

Clear soups, not creamy stews, can be powerful weight loss foods. “They help to fill you up, and you’ll fill up on more volume for [fewer] calories. With broth soup as a starter, you’ll eat less during your main meal, she added. “It’s the same thing with salads a good amount of volume with very few calories.”

2. Coffee

Hot coffee on a cold day can taste great, plus it has a weight-loss effect, as long as you don’t load it with cream and sugar. “It’s essentially flavored water, so it’s also going to fill you up a twofold effect.”

3. Spices

Spicy food can help you feel warm and also boost your body’s calorie burn. Specifically, capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot peppers, has been shown to increase your body’s metabolism slightly.

4. Fatty fish

Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, boosts the hormone leptin in your body. Leptin plays an important role in regulating your metabolism, “plus [fish is] high in protein, so that’s going to help maintain your satiety longer.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that can be used in food and beverages. Cinnamon is a super food that is rich in antioxidants, anti- inflammatory, and anti- bacterial substances. Cinnamon also contains essential oils that prevent blood clotting. You can add cinnamon to your tea or food to stay fit and healthy.

6. Cabbage

Cabbage can not only keep you warm in the winter, but it also contains a lot of vitamins and mineral . Some of these include vitamins B6, C, fiber, manganese, and omega 3 fatty acids. Cabbage is actually a super food that can help maintain a healthy body and can even ward off cancer. The best thing about cabbage is because these vegetables can be eaten either cooked or raw. In addition, cabbage can also be used in many dishes.

7. Pecan

Pecan is one type of nut that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Eating pecans can help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It is one of the super foods that can help you stay healthy and fit in a cold weather. You can eat pecan nuts as snacks.

8. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, and other vegetables are always good for health. Green leafy vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, folic acid, and vitamins that can help you prevent dangerous infection or virus in the cold weather. These vegetables can also boost the immune system that is weakened when the weather is bad.


Top 5 Worst Diet Tips Ever

You know you can’t believe everything you read. And still, you haven’t eaten an egg yolk since the 90s, and you can’t touch a French fry without being saddled with guilt. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the whole don’t-eat-after-8-PM-or-else mentality. Let’s set the record straight once and for all by calling out these 5 worst diet tips — and offering up smart food rules to follow instead.

Fat makes you fat

Why that’s BS: It depends on the type of fats you’re eating, says Tricia Psota, RD, a nutritionist based in Washington D.C. “Fats in chips, cookies, and greasy foods can increase cholesterol and your risk for certain diseases. But good fats, like nuts, avocados, and salmon, protect your heart and support your overall health.”

Diet Tips2

Stop snacking to lose weight

Why that’s BS: Eating in small, frequent amounts is a great way to curb hunger, control portion sizes, and make better nutritional choices, says Mike Clancy, CDN, a personal trainer at David Barton’s Gym in New York City. “Smarter snacks like nuts, fruits, and yogurt will keep your energy levels high throughout the day.”

Load up on protein

Why that’s BS: Sorry, caveman lovers: eating lots of protein is not the key to healthy weight loss. Why? The body needs three macronutrients: Protein, carbohydrates, and fat, says Rania Batayneh, MPH, a nutritionist and author of the forthcoming The One One One Diet (published by Rodale, which also publishes Prevention), and focusing exclusively on protein for weight loss makes no sense. “

Diet Tips

Eat every 2 hours to rev your metabolism

Why that’s BS: Going four or five (or even eight!) hours between normally-sized meals will not make your metabolism slow down, says Monica Reinagel, MS, a nutritionist based in Baltimore. “Eating more frequently may help stave off hunger, which can help you fight temptation. But if you want to do this, you have to be careful to keep your meals and snacks really small,” she says. “Otherwise, eating every 2 hours can simply lead to taking in too many calories over the course of the day.”

Swear off forbidden foods

Why that’s BS: “We tend to be in ‘all or nothing’ mode when we diet and never seem to find a middle ground,” says Batayneh. “You have to realize that you can’t have pizza, French fries, and chocolate cake all in the same day, but—with careful planning—you can enjoy these foods when they are presented to you. Just don’t go for seconds and share if you can.” In fact, research shows that moderately indulging in “forbidden foods” is what keeps people from bingeing on the stuff.